Arriving to Seisia

Next stop Jardine River.  I buy a one way ticket for the ferry and am quizzed as to why.  We are on the ferry, blink and we are across.   We are nearly to Bamaga, and happy because the last stretch of dirt is good dirt and then …. Yay …bitumen.

First community we come to is Injinoo.  We are here.  There are horses everywhere as we continue past the next community.  Sandy is looking around at the horses and the houses, and suddenly bursts into laughter … There’s a horse in the kitchen of a house.

We are nearly at Bamaga, and there is a detour to Seisia and see that the bridge is being worked on.  I am keen to have a look at our new accommodation, which I only have directions for.  And directions I am not very good at following.  We are turning left and going up the street that turns into dirt, and a goats track up a hill, we turn left before the goats track along another dirt track, and then see the back of the house and wander around more dirt roads to find the front the house. 

We are here … Sandy is rolling around in hysterical laughter when she sees it.  It has two clothes lines, one laying on the ground and another upright in the front yard, and it is landscaped with sensitive weed and other companion weeds, so tall they could be hedged.  There are horse tracks and horse manure through the weeds which make a path to the steps. 

I am happy there is a nice big verandah attached to a small demountable dwelling, which shall be known from now on, as the shoebox.

I am not sure how we got here, we drive around and around to finally find the main road, and back to the detour to Seisia.

We have arrived.  Sandy has more laughter when she sees our lounge room, chairs around a shed, and the room we have for her, with shade cloth walls.

We go next door to see Greg and Pat.  Greg has offered Sandy a room with real walls to sleep in and so she likes that option better. 

I finally get to see Ray, he has been working 24 days straight and it is a busy time for him, but there is a space for Sandy to go on the Thursday Island trip the next day.  I am wrapped for her. 

I stay behind to go and introduce myself to my new job and meet the people I will be working with.  I also get the keys to the shoebox, which I can now go into and have a look, but I really have seen it all through a grubby windows.  I am informed that the place is scheduled to be cleaned and the yard is scheduled to be done and the furniture is in Stores.  However because things are scheduled doesn’t mean they happen at the scheduled time.  Let’s see what happens next week.


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