Trip to the tip – Cairns to Bamaga

And we’re off … heading to Bamaga.  Ray is in Seisia driving boats and Sandy is joining me for the road trip up the Cape.  I have a job to go to and accommodation in Bamaga.

When I pick up Sandy, Mark notices that I one of my tyres is quite flat … mmm .. we haven’t even left Sandys street.  We do the air thing and check all the tyres and … then we are off to Mareeba for the night.

Next morning, the air has successfully stayed in all of the tyres … we go via a coffee van for real coffee for the coffee snob of a sister, and then we are off … are we there yet?

Versatile sister then puts on DJ hat and we pump out the tunes and head to Archer River Roadhouse for our first night.  It’s a pretty cruisy drive and its good dirt.  The Rav is cruising along well and stereo is great.

We have good intel from traveller that the bitumen past Archer River is great, so I am excited that we will have a smooth start, and because I am awake early thinking mmm bitumen, let’s get going early before light.  The good intel traveller didn’t mention the 5 kms of crappy corrugated dirt before the nice bitumen, and I also didn’t realise that the trucks get going at 5 am.  So we are in the dark on the bumps, truck in front, truck behind, and drive the 5 km dirt in a dust bowl with limited visibility.

Light is finally breaking just as the random selection of tunes breaks out with “Morning has broken”.  We sing along in our best Cat Stevens voices.

We are starting to rate the dirt from good dirt to crappy dirt, and both break out in the melodious aaaarrrhhhh tones which vibrate on the corrugations.

It’s great to see the graders keeping the road good and we trying to work out which path to take in amongst the graders and rollers and rilled piles of dirt.  The oncoming grader is making our path smaller and smaller.

We stop at Bramwell Roadhouse to fuel up at $2.05 cents a litre and for Sandy to have a bad coffee, and continue on our way …

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