Trip to the top of Cape York

Ray has a day off and we are off for a drive to the top of Australia.  Greg and Pat accompany us.  What a great day … lunch at Punsand Bay.  Sandy asked if they had coffee machine and they did, so she was happy.  Five minutes later she is informed coffee machine is not working.  Two men are repairing machine and Sandy is saved … a cuppacino for the drive.

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2 Responses to Trip to the top of Cape York

  1. Fred Armstrong says:

    Hi Lisa and Ray, Thanks for the great photos. Sandy arrived ok and re united with Jake and the cat. Very excited about the trip which I heard all about. Nice to see Pat and Greg eh? Well, you two can certainly fit a lot into a couple of days, and hey, the Rav 4 semsto have a big stamp of approval. New house looks pretty roomy. Good Luck in your new job, Lots of Love Dad xx

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  2. Fred Armstrong says:

    Hi Lisa, hope you have a Happy Monday. Everything is “AOK” her in Bungalow. weather is perfect, and so the days roll on without a care. By no you will have settled in to your new house, and got everything just her you want I to be ( maybe?). Hey, I hope you are both well. Lotsa Love, Dad xx

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